Grid-Connected Power Plant

Ideal for environmentally conscious home-owners, who want to be prepared for future electricity price increases. For commercial and industrial consumers with high levels of electricity consumption, who are already burdened by rising electricity costs.

An in-house power plant, either on the roof of your premises, integrated into your facade, on your car shades, or as ground mounted, stand-alone structures, can greatly reduce your electricity consumption from the grid and thus, your monthly bills.

  • Flat roofs, factory roofs
  • Car Shades
  • Facades
  • Ground mounted / Stand-alone

Produce your electricity on site, and consume it immediately in your home, factory or commercial building.

What if you produce more than you need? The surplus is exported to the grid and you are credited by your electricity company (Net Metering).

We provide true turnkey solutions. Arrange a complementary site-survey today!