Off-Grid / Stand-Alone Systems

We pride ourselves on being experts in stand-alone power plants of any scale. If you have a requirement for electricity, where there is limited or no access to the public grid, a stand-alone PV installation could be the answer.

  • PV / Battery System
    • We offer complete, 100% green, stand-alone solutions with a PV power plant, coupled with an energy storage system. Such systems are completely emission free. Clients will be able to run their electricity consumers day and night on renewable energy.
  • PV / Hybrid System
    • We also offer PV / Diesel Hybrid solutions for those clients who have very high power demands, wish to operate 24/7, yet still want an affordable solution with significantly reduced diesel consumption.

Hybrid systems are very attractive for those clients who wish to retain their existing diesel gensets, but supplement their power plant / micro-grid with PV energy during sunlight hours. With GGT’s technology, the client can expect diesel savings of up to 60%!